How to build and launch an amazing online academy

and create new revenue streams with online courses that help you create a successful business

Discover the steps needed to get started and scale your online business with our step by step approach to building a great business that helps thousands learn a new skill from you. 

Here’s what you will learn in this course

How to get started on building an online course business

Step by step approach to what all you need to do to get started

What type of content you can create for your online courses

how to market your courses and sell them online

Hacks to start getting leads, and traction in your online business

Additional downloadable content to learn how to quickly build your video content

Start right, start now. 

Based on the research of over 12000 academies built with Knorish, this online course follows the same steps that you must take to get the academy up and running, get maximum sales and learn how to replicate that for yourself. 

Shared - The steps to launching an online course business 

Using the all-in-one platform, more than 12000 entrepreneurs and businesses have launched their online academies that sell online courses and content. This online course has been created basis the understanding of the secrets behind the success of several academies that are making 6 figure sales in just a few weeks' after launch. Based on that core research of these thousands of academies, this course has been designed to help budding entrepreneurs learn how to start a new online business.

No office, no employees required! Just the passion to share knowledge and the will to build a successful online business!

If you want to become successful and wish to launch your own online business that helps you share your knowledge with thousands of learners across the world and make money while you sleep, then this masterclass is what you need!

So if you are a domain expert, professional, consultant, analyst, specialist, speaker, coach, trainer, or artist, this masterclass is for you. If you want to leave the 9 to 5 grind behind and start your own business, then this is a must-watch for you. 

This could be your golden opportunity to build your very own online business and be your own boss. And such opportunities rarely come this easy. Start learning now to discover how you can start your success story in no time!

In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to

Find the guidance to get started right with your online course business that suit you perfectly based on your knowledge or expertise.

Steps that you should follow to get started on building your academy

Create highly engaging content based on your knowledge quickly.

Hack your business' growth and get skyrocket sales 

Build a strong digital business around content, your knowledge, and expertise.

Become a sales machine & gain traction for your online knowledge business.

And much more......

Still thinking about starting your own business and worried you need guidance on that? Get the first mover advantage and learn how to build a significant online business with just a laptop and a smartphone 

All you need is a smartphone and a laptop to launch and become successful! Find out in this masterclass how you can take your knowledge and expertise online and make millions as you share your knowledge with learners from across the world.  

So many of our creators have launched their academies as an experiment and started their business as part-time and many have already created a significant business out of it. So if nothing else, try this masterclass as an experiment to discover the potential that lies within you to become a successful online course business owner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Step 2: Complete the login details on the "Signup"/ “Login form (Name, email, and password)

Step 3: Click on Submit (Remember: Same email id and password will be required in future to login to the course, so please note it down)

Step 4: On the next page, click continue

Step 5: Start watching the course

This masterclass is for anyone who wishes to launch their online business but doesn’t know how to or if you're still thinking about taking the plunge and looking for guidance. The course covers multiple aspects of an online business and talks about several aspects of the online business.

You will have access to the masterclass for lifetime. However, the duration of the course is under 60 mins so you should be able to watch and learn within an hour maximum

Currently, the masterclass is open for all for a limited period. This may change at a later date

If you want to setup a business, become successful and earn a lot of money, you certainly can and must make time for this. This short masterclass comes with the flexibility to access video on demand when you want to learn where you want to learn. You just need a stable internet connection and a phone/laptop.

Anyone interested in starting their online course. This course has valuable content for beginners as well as experts.