Instructor Promotional Agreements and Topcademi Deals

Instructor Promotional Agreements and Topcademi Deals

As an instructor, you have the option to participate in the Topcademi Deals Program. This allows Topcademi to use marketing data to optimize your course's list price and discount range in different markets around the world. Every year, millions of students enrol in courses discounted through the Topcademi Deals Program, making it a powerful lever to help you maximize your revenue potential on Topcademi. You can opt out of this program at any time by editing your promotional agreements.

How Topcademi uses discounts to drive course sales

Topcademi runs many types of promotions throughout the year to encourage students to find and enrol in instructors' courses. For example, Topcademi may offer new students a one-time discount for signing up, or offer region-specific discounts to mark a local holiday like Boxing Day. Topcademi may also offer discounts to accompany paid advertisements or content placements for some courses that attract new students to the platform. The instructor agrees to the strategy/marketing policy adopted by the Topcademi for promoting the programs offered.

How courses' discount prices are determined during a promotion

Topcademi uses data science and economic modelling to determine each course's promotional price range. Hundreds of factors such as a course's category, length, and competitive context are used to generate an initial discount price range. This range is then adjusted automatically in response to the course's sales performance at different price points and in different markets. The system takes into account both price and student conversion rates and seeks to maximize each course's revenue potential over time.

Local price floors

Regardless of the promotion of a course's performance data, Topcademi will not discount below $10 USD or local equivalent except in Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa, and Turkey, and in sales to Topcademi’s resellers or distributors, where the price may be lower.

Opting out of the Topcademi Deals Program as a published instructor

If you choose to opt out of the Topcademi Deals Program after your course has been published, 10 days shall be the waiting period for it to stop being offered at a discount on the Topcademi site (for campaigns that started while you were opted in).

In addition to on-site promotions, please note that Topcademi employs a variety of other marketing channels for instructors in the Deals Program (including emails, paid ads, affiliate marketing). It may take some time after your opt-out date before your courses are no longer promoted via these channels, but your courses will no longer be offered at a discount on the Topcademi site 10 days after your opt-out date. This 10 day period helps ensure we honor discounts that have already been offered to students in active campaigns.

Your course will not be included in new discount campaigns that begin after the date you opted out. Please note that this will also affect your course's participation in external promotions such as search ads, social media placements, or retargeting. 

Participation in Topcademi Deals program is governed by the terms available Promotion Policy and binding upon both the parties.