Introduction to
Sales Funnels

How to take prospects from ‘Not-Interested’ to ‘Shut-up & take my money’

Most of the sales funnel information you read on line helps with nothing but beating around the bush.

It’s time to forget all your sins of reading & rummaging through several videos & articles online, in the hopes of mastering the much-hyped sales funnels. Start your Sales Funnel journey with, and:

  • Learn the basic fundamentals of setting up a sales funnel without having expert knowledge 
  • Designing a beautiful website to get conversions from traffic is essential, right? Wrong! Discover why. 
  • Bid goodbye to countless days of failed trial & error in running Facebook Ads & designing a website in the hope of converting leads that PAY, & start with a structured approach. 
  • Understand important things you should NOT do while building a sales funnel, without wasting hours on watching multiple videos & reading several articles 
  • Discover simple hacks to exponentially improve your online sales, which, most marketers never dare to reveal

The larger market formula - UNDERSTAND THIS FIRST

In any given market, for any given product, there exists a certain percentage of customer cohorts as illustrated above & explained below:

3% - Buying now stage:

This set of customers are the most demanded, most attractive & the ones with the most eyes on. In other words, they are in the ‘buying mode’. For example, if you scroll on Facebook & get a chance to come across an ad that shouts “Best new fashion trends, available for both men & women”, these types of ads are directly targeted at them.

But that is not hard. Why? Because you are offering an extremely hungry person a 3-course meal, who will certainly have a high tendency to buy it from you without reconsidering anything.

17% - Information gathering stage:

This set of customers are the ones who are interested in you/your product/service but are still evaluating the market to nurture their decision & their intent of buying furthermore.

In other words, they are gathering more information about their problem & are looking for the best option.

20% - Aware of the problem stage:

You guessed it! This set of customers are aware of their problem & that’s it! They are not doing anything about it, however, if given a chance - they will certainly tend to look into the matter & find a solution.

60% - Not aware of the problem stage:

...and there comes the BIG 60% segment of customers that are not even aware if they have a problem or not. They are the most ignored segment by majority of the seasoned marketers out there.

You see? The problem is that the majority of the marketers are exclusively focused on the 3% segment, leaving behind the majority of the 97% of their customers untapped!

You need to target the remaining 97% & THAT’S WHERE THE ROLE OF A SALES FUNNEL COMES INTO THE PICTURE!

To reach this 97%, and make them go from ‘Not Interested’ to ‘Shut up & take my money’, you will need to understand them, their desires, dreams, & their biggest fears and then use a sales funnel to make them aware with the help of step-by-step stages. These are uninformed prospects. This means they are not knowledgeable about the subject matter, and there is high uncertainty in their actions, and people don’t buy at this stage.


This doesn’t mean that if they are uncertain, you will just leave them there. Your job is to make them aware about their problem, nurture their intent in choosing the right solution, and making them more inclined towards the consideration of buying your product, AND 1 WAY TO DO THAT IS BY USING A SALES FUNNEL!

Learn how to do all this by setting up an automated online system that:




Gets prospects to buy!

This is extremely important for any individual or business looking forward to seeing exponential growth in their business. Not just building a sales funnel helps you generate more leads, it becomes an automated online salesman for your online business!

Here’s what you will learn about a sales funnel that will help you with:

First stage → Generating awareness: How to lure traffic to your landing page by making your prospects aware of their problem

Second stage → Building intent & educating: Learn how to educate your prospects so they know more about how they can solve their problem. Start giving them more options, but learn how to not let them deviate from the end goal!

Third stage → Nurturing their intent: Understand how to start nurturing their intent by letting them know how YOU can solve their problem, unlike others - who are just interesting in selling their product/service

Fourth stage → Build consideration & get them to take an action: Put your best foot forward & discover how to deliver the best sales pitch by providing them with an irresistible offer, they just won’t be able to refuse!

What are you even waiting for now? Time is running out & your customers are waiting for you to attract them to your business. Learn how to do all of this without being an expert now:

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